Current projects

PumPum 2

PumPum comes back with new sexy girls, new game genre, lots of levels and colorful, juicy, extraordinarily hot animations! Don't waste your time on anything else, go and check PumPum 2!
What you can find in the game:
  • Stunning animated artworks with hot girls.
  • The best animated wallpapers and avatars on the whole Steam!
  • 4K native resolution.
  • Full Gamepad support.
  • Lots of levels to play.
  • Steam Deck support.
PumPum 2 is the successor of the PumPum series, a casual game for adults with simple, relaxing gameplay, and features many sexy girls in different poses. Each girl shows off lovely graphics and animations!

Poozle Mania

Looking for a fun and lewd game to kill some time? You found it! Poozle is casual, logic fun with hundreds of hours of gameplay. It's heartfelt, charming and sexy! So what are you waiting for? Play it now!
The rules of the game are very simple:
  • Your task is to assemble balls of the same color into horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of at least five balls.
  • A ball is selected by clicking on it and moved there by clicking on an empty square.
  • However, there must be a path of empty fields between the selectected squares.


PumPum is a casual game for adults with a simple gameplay with many animated girls that you must collect! Each girl shows off lovely graphics and animations! PumPum features a "find a pair" game play, with many beautiful girls in different poses.
What you can find in the game:
  • Beautiful artworks.
  • Incredible animations and visual effects.
  • Can be played with just one hand!
  • The best animated wallpapers and avatars on the whole Steam.
  • Gallery with hot pictures of girls.
  • Native 4K resolution.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Steam Deck, Linux, Mac OS, Windows support.
  • Nintendo Switch support.
Outstanding graphical design, hot sexy girls, easy to play! What else can one need for a great gaming experience? If you love hot animated girls, then PumPum is mean for you!
Thought I am making games for past few years, PumPum is my first NSFW experience. We making this game together with artist Yam Mansik. I really need your support and feedback to make it even better. I believe the game will be shaping up to be one of the best animated games for adults!
These games are fan parodies. Any reference to original characters is purely coincidental.


Hi! We are a super small game dev team, presented by personally me and a friend of mine, artist Yam. Since my childhood video games are my passion, I have been making games since I got a PC. For more than 10 year I developed many games of different genres, but all of them were "safe for work". Now I decided to try my hand at making games for adults.

I would be very grateful if you support us! That is vital to our project. We really hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for playing!